The Association of Estonian Career Counsellors is a non-profit organisation that unites specialists who are interested in developing the career guidance system in Estonia. The association has been created to protect the occupational interests of those who work in this field as well as to emphasize the importance of career specialists.

Some of the main roles include organizing continuing education in the field, creating and distributing methodological and informational materials and issuing qualifications for practice.

The Association of Estonain Career Counsellors was founded in 2002. It has several sub-groups such as one for the code of ethics, methodology and mentoring for active participation of all members.

The association is a certified organisation for awarding and recertifying occupational qualifications of career counsellors from 2006 and career information specialists from 2013.

Number of members: 122 (in August 2019)

For enquiries and cooperation proposals please contact us at kny(at)

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