The Association of Estonian Career Counsellors is a non-profit organisation that unites specialists who are interested in developing a career guidance system in Estonia and protect the occupational interests of those who work in this field.
The Association of Estonain Career Counsellors was founded in 2002. The association unites career counsellors, career information specialists, school career coordinators, personnel specialist and trainers. In February 2016, the association consists of 115 members.

The association is led by a board of five, that is elected at general meeting in every two years. General meetings take place twice a year.

The association has several sub-groups for the code of ethics, methodology, cooperation activities and mentoring. In 2014 and 2015 the Society of Estonian Career Counsellors organised “Terve Karjäär” career days for working adults across Estonia. In summer 2015 the summer days for the members of the Association of Estonian Career Counsellors were held for the first time.

The association is a certified organisation for awarding and recertifying occupational qualifications of career counsellors from 2006 and career information specialists from 2013. From year 2006 114 occupational qualification examinations were held and as of February 2016 the number of certified career guidance specialists is 87.

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